Terms of Service

Important Information: To place bets or engage in real money games on our platform, you must register an account with us. By registering, you acknowledge and consent to be legally bound by the Terms and Conditions outlined herein.

  1. The “BouncingBall8 Rules” constitute the comprehensive, final, and exclusive agreementю between you, the Account Holder, and BouncingBall8 BD, outlining the legal relationship between both parties. These rules supersede all previous agreements, representations, and understandings with BouncingBall8. By registering an account, logging in, using our services, participating in games, or accepting any prizes, you acknowledge and agree:
  • To be bound by the BouncingBall8 Rules,
  • That you have read, understood, and will comply with these Terms and Conditions, and agree to adhere to all its stipulations.
  1. BouncingBall8 reserves the right to modify, update, or revise the BouncingBall8 Rules at any time. Any significant changes to these rules will be communicated in advance by BouncingBall8 and will require your agreement before they become effective. If you do not consent to the revised terms, you will be unable to continue using our services. Note that all singular terms in the BouncingBall8 Rules will include their plural forms and vice versa, and references to “the” will include “a” or “an” where applicable.
  1. An “Account Holder” is defined as an individual who enters into a contractual relationship with BouncingBall8 by registering for an account on the Website.
  1. A “BouncingBall8 Account” is designed for genuine transactions and is held by an Account Holder aiming to establish a normal commercial relationship with BouncingBall8, specifically for the purpose of engaging in betting, gaming, and other related gambling activities.
  1. The “Contract” defines the legal relationship between Bouncing Ball 88 BD and an Account Holder, governed by the Terms and Conditions outlined as the BouncingBall8 Rules.
  • The “Governing Authorities” refer to the designated official bodies in Curacao.
  • The “Governing Law” applicable to these agreements is the law of Curacao.
  • The “Place of the Contract” is established as Curacao.
  • The “Regulator” responsible for overseeing BouncingBall8’s activities is the Curacao Gaming Authority (Gaming Services Provider N.V), the official body governing gaming within Curacao. For further details, visit “https://www.curacao-egaming.com/”.
  • The “Website” for BouncingBall8 is accessible via www.bouncingball8.com, where all relevant operational information is published and services are provided to Account Holders.
  • The “Services” encompass all gaming and betting activities offered to Account Holders through the Website.
  • The “Gaming and Betting Duty” is a specific tax imposed on gaming and betting activities within Curacao.
  • A “Card” includes any type of payment, charge, debit, credit, virtual, or similar card.
  • The “Payment Solution Provider” acts as an intermediary for various payment methods.
  • “Financial Institution” refers to any bank or institution regulated under applicable financial services legislation.
  • “Force Majeure” covers any unforeseeable events beyond reasonable control that affect contractual obligations, including but not limited to natural disasters, governmental actions, wars, acts of terrorism, strikes, and other disruptions.
  • “Client Application” denotes the web and mobile applications (Android or iOS) used by Account Holders to access the Services.
  • “Software” refers to all software applications (Android or iOS) utilized by BouncingBall8 to provide the Services or operate the Client Application.
  • A “Prize” represents any amount, bonus, or reward that an Account Holder can win.
  • An “Inactive Account” is identified as a Bouncing Ball 88 Account that has not been accessed for more than 12 consecutive months.
  • All trademarks, service marks, trade names, images, graphics, texts, concepts, or methodologies (collectively known as “Intellectual Assets”) found on the Website, Client Application, and within its contents are the sole property of BouncingBall8 and/or its suppliers and partners. Account Holders are not permitted to use any Intellectual Asset for purposes beyond what is legally allowed.
  1. Licenses:

BouncingBall8 operates under a valid license from Curacao, supervised by the Gaming Services Provider N.V., which authorizes the company to offer fixed odds betting services.

  1. Account Rules:

7.1. Only registered individuals, known as Account Holders, are eligible to participate in games involving monetary stakes. Personal registration is required to become an Account Holder.

7.2. Applicants must provide their date of birth and valid identification to verify they are over eighteen (18) years old or meet the legal age of majority in their jurisdiction (acceptable forms of ID include a valid identity card, passport, or driving license).

7.3. It is mandatory for players to supply their first and last name during registration.

7.4. A valid email address must also be provided by the player.

7.5. Players are required to create a username and password to secure their account.

  1. Age Requirement for Account Holders:

Individuals applying to become Account Holders must certify that they are not under eighteen (18) years of age. Minors are prohibited from registering as players and cannot operate a BouncingBall8 Account. Bouncing Ball 88 may conduct further age verification checks and request additional documentation to confirm the age of applicants. Accounts may be temporarily suspended pending verification of satisfactory proof of age.

Confidentiality of Information:

  1. Personal Information 

All personal and sensitive information provided by players to BouncingBall8 is kept confidential and used solely within the BouncingBall8 system to enhance user experience. This information is not utilized for any commercial purposes.

  1. Eligibility and Compliance

Applicants seeking to become Account Holders must:

  • Be individuals, not legal entities;
  • Reside outside of prohibited countries such as Afghanistan, Australia, Denmark, and others listed in our terms, due to licensing restrictions;
  • Not be professional athletes in disciplines featured in BouncingBall8 betting options;
  • Possess full legal capacity to enter into contracts;
  • Act on their own behalf and not represent others;
  • Not be recognized as compulsive gamblers or listed on exclusion databases;
  • Ensure all deposited funds are derived from lawful sources;
  • Use only payment methods legally owned and in regions where betting is allowed;
  • Refrain from using BouncingBall8 for any illegal activities;
  • Not hold active accounts with any related entities within the same corporate group as BouncingBall8;
  • Confirm legality of using BouncingBall8’s services in their jurisdiction;
  • Find the services provided by the website acceptable and not offensive;
  • Maintain accurate and current personal details on their account, including name, country, email, and phone number.

Bouncing Ball 88 permits only one account per player. Violations such as promotional abuse, multiple account setups, or fraudulent activity will lead to account suspension and forfeiture of deposits.

  1. Account Holder Agreement and Compliance

Individuals applying for a Bouncing Ball 88 Account must:

  • Acknowledge and accept the definitions and conditions as outlined under the BouncingBall8 Rules, both as currently stated on the website and as they may be amended in the future. Recognize that the contract’s jurisdiction is Curacao, and that the rules governing the contract are those published in English on the BouncingBall8 website;
  • Agree to comply with any regulations or decisions imposed periodically by the Governing Authorities and under the Governing Law of Curacao.